Triticum dicoccum

Emmer whole grain flour

One of the ancient grains, cultivated 10000 years ago in these lands, Emmer (triticum dicoccum) has gained its place among the health conscious people’s diet due to the high levels of vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants as well as fiber and protein it contains.

Only the best is selected and the finest is produced

100% Stone ground

This rich and nutty ancient wholegrain flour is stone milled on demand, in low temperature for optimum flavour, nutrition, and performance.

We cultivate Emmer in our farm showing the utmost respect to nature by practicing organic farming methods since 2006. The Emmer flour is produced in a stone mill in very low temperatures keeping the ingredients of the whole grain intact and preserving its special nutty flavor.

Emmer flour has high nutritional value and covers the daily needs of our organism in the best possible way.


700gr - Retail

Inner case: paper bag
Outer case: tailored linen sack

Carton dimensions : 40cm x 30cm x 15cm (height)
Pieces per carton : 12
Cartons per euro pallet : 80

500gr - Retail

Paper bag

Carton dimensions: 40cm X 30cm X 15cm (height)
Pieces per carton: 24
Cartons per euro pallet: 80

1kg - Retail

Paper bag

Carton dimensions : 40cm X 30cm X 15cm (height)
Pieces per carton : 12
Cartons per euro pallet : 80


Paper bag

Pieces per euro pallet : 50

Stone mill